Red hydraulics

We got our first glimpse of the hydraulic parts of the 2013 SRAM Red today. The levers look a bit odd with such a tall knob at the front of the hoods, but they still look better than Shimano levers. The rim brakes are not looking too different compared to regular cable actuated brakes (and I wouldn't pick them over lighter, simpler, less troublesome, cheaper cable-actuated rim brakes for a road bike) but the disc calipers look nice! Small, clean, I'm guessing pretty light... and if so, maybe compatible with Avid's mtb bike levers?

With a summer release for us mere mortals, I think there will be more cyclocrossers on discs next season, even pros... SRAM may actually push/force the discs on pros to generate sales but I think many would be happy to do so if the weight is close enough to cantilever setups (better braking, less bike changes in mud and if you're like Jeremy Powers, less cuts on calves caused by canti brakes). Only Tim Johnson was ready to use the heavy and clunky BB7 this year. Performance and weight should be greatly improved with these.

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